How A Ticketing System Closer to Your Teams Helps Your Customers

Ticketing Systems Today

There are many known ticketing systems out there today. Supporting a wide range of company sizes and providing bundles to differentiate themselves. Some are more targeted to larger enterprises, marketed to be a IT Service Management (ITSM) software. While others are providing the basic feature set to get you started easily.

Built for Customer Support

Today’s customer service Agents do not use the telephone as often as before. Instead email is the most common input of queries that have dominated for the last decades.

  • A customer query is sent in to the company Support email.
  • The support Agent handles the incoming query and resolves it with a reply to the customer.
  • A customer query is sent in to the company Support email.
  • The support Agent can’t solve this, so the Agent decides to escalate this to the 2nd line support.

Priority and a Efficient Resolution Process

How teams are working together, what information is provided and what priority a case receives. These are critical parts that impacts the resolution time to a customer directly.

The Evolution of Company Communication

Email have for long dominated the way companies are communicating, both internally and externally. It continues to be the most important way of sharing and receiving messages but have lately (especially with the rapid digitalization wave from the effect of COVID-19) been challenged more seriously by other communication mediums.

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • IT Operations
  • Engineering
  • IT Help desk
  • Support

Aligning Your Ticketing Systems

The change of how we communicate directly impacts how ticketing is aligned within your organization.

Bringing Ticketing Closer to Your Teams

With a changed communication comes a changed ticketing process.

  • Create a new ticket by using a reaction emoji.
  • Discuss a ticket within a message thread.
  • Manage team tickets within a private channel.
  • Invite the teams you want to receive tickets from.
  • Get smart filtering and overview of tickets directly in Slack.



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